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September 12, 2006
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Glow by luizamoony Glow by luizamoony
For those who won't read my journal, I'm back! I'm so sorry for all the absence, I haven't been able to use the internet for a great while ~_~

Well, it's just a happy drawing that came from a lousy soccer Daisy sketch, then I changed the theme and here it is! ^^ Traditional background and all! Weeee! ^^

I hope you guys like it like I do :3

Tools used: Sakura Micron Pigma 005 and 01, Tria markers, Prismacolor colored pencils
Time taken: a while, like... 2 hours
Daisy and the Fireflower are ©Nintendo

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EmperorNortonII Oct 27, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Very cute! :D
Cute-Yoshi Jan 6, 2007
She Looks Great!!!You did a Great Job!
luizamoony Jan 10, 2007  Student General Artist
Thank you! ^^
T__T Oh, Luiza! All these pictures make me so happy! X3 I feel like a mom who's watched her daughter go from preschool to highschool! XD Your art has gotten AMAZING over the time I've been on deviantart and watched you eagerly. Anatomy, facial expressions... everything. It's all so great! Your art has gotten fantastic.

OK, enough of that. >-< Her hair is the same old spectacular Luiza hair I'm used to. Perfectly fluffy, loveable, and soft-looking. Lol, I love it as usual. Her face looks sincere and enthusiastic and pretty. The shoulders and arms are actually some of the best you've ever done! I really like them! I like her kind of modern T-shirt. It's cool. Her belly is amazingly detailed. I really like the fit touch you gave to it. Her pants with the blue frilly panties give a cute, modern touch that looks nice. The anatomy of the legs is amazing too! Gosh, I love all of this picture! It's great! Oh, Luiza, you've outdone yourself. I could cry. XD
Really gorgeous colouring, especially on her clothing.
Orenji-Otaku Oct 12, 2006
Nice =)
I like how you put the fire flower icon on her shirt, I've always felt since Daisy's powers are pretty much flowers (heh flower power) and that you unlock alot of her stuff in games through the flower cup she's always had something big to do with fire flowers.
luizamoony Oct 12, 2006  Student General Artist
Hahahah that's true! For me, Peach reminds of Heart and Star, while Daisy reminds me of Flower...
But that's because of the colors and their personality, I guess o.o
You drawing getting better!
luizamoony Oct 8, 2006  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! ^^
i love her outfit...her hair is so red though! i love it! so amazing!
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